Wherefore art thou, sleep?

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I drove around for a half hour today to try to get the kids to sleep. I started at 12:20 because it was approaching nap time and the way the day was going, it wasn’t likely that it would happen naturally. By 12:40, both were still awake.

Of course if we had been actually going somewhere where I wanted them to be awake, they would have fallen asleep but not this time. I had driven north on the 51 and was heading east on the 101 when Zachary decided he wanted to go home. When he had asked earlier where we were going, I had told him that we were just going for a drive to see the sky and the mountains. “Why?” he asked? Why indeed.

Yesterday he skipped his nap at camp and fell asleep on the couch at 4:30 p.m. I decided to give him an hour because he was so tired and woke him up at 5:30 p.m. to eat dinner. Although he was in pajamas and headed for bed at 8, he didn’t actually fall asleep until around 11 p.m. This morning he was so cranky, he screamed and cried the whole time I was on a conference call for our editorial meeting (thank you to whoever invented the mute button).

Why? Because he “didn’t say goodbye to Daddy.” (Ron said goodbye on his way out the door but Zachary was too busy playing to reply). I called Ron on my cell so Zachary could talk to him, but that didn’t help. “Not on the phone!” was Zachary’s reply.  I thought I’d just turn on The Wiggles DVD for some quiet so I could tune back into the meeting then couldn’t find the remote necessary to work the DVD. After I finally found it (it was upstairs) and turned it on, Zachary insisted he didn’t want to watch “The Wiggles.” That was a first. But at least the crying stopped.

OK, back to the drive. So Zachary was in the backseat shouting, “I don’t want to drive! I want to go home! I want to turn around!” So I turned around to head home. Jadon was asleep by now. I got off at Cactus; this wasn’t an ideal way to spend the afternoon but there was a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drive-thru on the way home that could make it kind of worth it. In the rearview mirror, I could tell Zachary’s eyes were narrowing. By the time I hit the drive-thru, he was asleep.

So we get home; two sleeping kids – Adam, who had slept through all the ruckus of the morning, was wide awake. I brought him in first (too many horror stories in the news of people forgetting their babies in the car), then carried Jadon up to his bed. The dogs barked. Jadon woke up crying. Then I went to get Zachary and put him on the couch.

Went back upstairs to Jadon. He wanted his water. Came back downstairs to get it. “Where’s Jadon?” Zachary asked. “Upstairs.” Back upstairs to give him his water. “Daddy’s bed” (he prefers to sleep on Ron’s side of the bed). I handed him Elmo and one of two blue bears he sleeps with. Of course it wasn’t the blue bear that he wanted this time. “Other blue bear,” he requested. I think I saw every other stuffed animal we have in the house except for this other blue bear. I finally found it under the large brown bear.

But to no avail, he wasn’t going back to sleep and then requested “Blue’s Clues.” Desperate for some quiet time, I agreed. Zachary came upstairs, requesting the same. So they laid down in our bed together watching “Blue’s Clues.” Not a nap, but quiet time. I took it.

Tonight they both actually fell asleep in their bedroom – each in their own beds – and were asleep by 9:30 p.m. That may seem late to some, but for us lately, this was a good night.


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