The littleist one

August 11, 2012 at 3:15 pm Leave a comment

Although Adam may be the smallest family member in stature, he is by no means the smallest in presence.

When he wants your attention, he lets out an extremely loud SCREEEEEECH!

When looking a book, he points out the characters or objects, and if you don’t respond, he turns up the volume.  “Dish” (pointing at a fish). “DISH, DISH DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSH!” until you say, “Yes, that’s a fish.” “Li-ween” (pointing at a picture of Lightening McQueen). “Liween!” “LIIIIIWEEEN!!!!” “Yes, that’s Lightning McQueen.” You get the picture.

If he wants more of whatever he’s eating, he’ll sometimes say “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!” Then you ask, “Do you want more?” and he’ll respond quietly, “More please.”

If he wants to show me something, he’ll grab my hand and start pulling me to whatever it is (usually it deals with food). Sometimes he’ll just stand behind me and try pushing me there.

Occasionally he’ll look you in the eye and seriously say a sentence two, but the words are incomprehensible. Once in awhile, I’ll recognize a word or two: “bada bada bada boola Li-ween caw.”
Other times, his words are very clear. “Bada bada bada boola balloon.” “You want the balloon?” “Yes, I want balloon.”

Some other words: cewal (cereal), menini (Mean Jadon, who he calls Nini, if Jadon does something that upsets him. It’s said in staccato: ME Ni Ni!). Sometimes it’s Mimommy or Midaddy, if we’re the offenders.

One thing that has upset him a lot lately is changing his clothes. One day last weekend, he cried for nearly 20 minutes because I took off his dirty diaper and threw it away. He kept wanting to retrieve it from the diaper garbage can. Sometimes when I change him into his pajamas, he gets so angry, he takes them off, hunts down his dirty shirt and puts it back on.

Right now he’s napping. The house is very quiet.


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